At Ferndale Farms animal welfare is our top priority! Our animals are raised with care and respect. (Please visit the following web site: Dr. Temple Grandin). We grow beautiful, well cared for, healthy animals in a natural and healthy environment.


Our traditional livestock breeds do well on grass, and are linked to landscape and environment. We farm as close to the natural lifestyle of the animal as possible, this means the animals are slow grown, adding flavor as they mature. Our animals also live a longer more productive less stressful life.


We take responsibility for our animal welfare and meat handling from start to finish. We do not give any additives, growth promoters or routine antibiotics at any stage of the animal’s life.


You will have the comfort of knowing exactly how your food is produced and can be confident that the animals that provide your meat is cared for with the greatest concern for their welfare, with plenty of space to live a natural life and grow at a pace which suits them.


If you have any more questions regarding the way in which our livestock is raised please email the farm.